Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A New Bishop For Diocese of Lansing

The Press office of the Holy See announced this morning that Bishop Earl Boyea, auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Detroit, will be the next bishop of Lansing, succeeding the retiring Bishop Mengeling.

This is a great development for the Diocese of Lansing and for the Church in Michigan.

Bishop Boyea was my spiritual director while I was at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, and he was my professor for Church History. We have remained friends since then, and I am proud to be able to call myself such.

Bishop Boyea is a man of great learning, and is wholeheartedly loyal to the Church and to the Magisterium. He is deeply rooted in the Church's Tradition, and is committed to preserving and advancing that Tradition. While he was at Sacred Heart Seminary, he frequently celebrated Mass in Latin for the theologate on Saturday mornings. He is well known in the Detroit area for regularly celebrating Mass according to the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass).

He was quite public in his support of the 2005 Vatican "Instruction" concerning homosexuality in the seminaries (sometimes called the "Doomsday Document"), as can be seen in my 2006 Crisis article on the subject.

On a personal note, those who know the bishop will attest to his great good humor and joyfulness. At Sacred Heart Seminary, he had the reputation of being somewhat of a prankster.

The Diocese of Lansing is getting a devoted and loyal son of the Church, and a smart and joyful man in their new bishop. Ad multos gloriosque annos!