Friday, December 15, 2006

Deal Hudson Has a Blog!

Deal Hudson, the former publisher of Crisis magazine, and executive director of the Morley Institute for Church and Culture, started blogging about a month ago.

The Deal Hudson blog has self-confessed "theocon" commentary on issues of Catholic faith and culture. Marjorie Campbell is another contributor.

Marjorie relates, in a post yesterday, her participation in a Jesuit high-school's "sex pow-wow" for juniors and seniors, who, she wrote, "proceeded to share their sex stories." She then described her response:
By the time the students finished painfully detailed descriptions of  their sexual challenges, fears, anxieties, worries, confusions and defeats, my job became simple.  I apologized.  I apologized on behalf of an entire generation that spun the Big Lie that sex has no rules or consequences. 

Take a look at this blog - it's well worth reading.