Monday, September 25, 2006

Contraceptive "Equity" and The Assault on Nature

I've been meaning to blog on this for a while... Last month the business editor of the local Grand Rapids Press wrote a column waxing rhapsodically about how wonderful it was that the Michigan Civil Rights Commission ruled that health insurance carriers must provide coverage for contraceptives if they provided coverage for medications such as Viagra. The editor, Nancy Crawley, explains the matter as a matter of "equity": If insurers cover medications for men like Viagra, why shouldn't they cover contraceptives for women?

The problem is that such a facile analysis is superficial in the extreme. What do Viagra and contraceptives have in common? Well, they both have to with sex. The thought of those advocating such "equity" goes no deeper than that.

But here's the thing: Viagra and related medications are intended and prescribed in order to treat dysfunction. It's used to remedy a defect in male sexual function. A man uses Viagra because something is wrong which requires correction.

But contraception is not used to treat dysfunction. It is used, in fact, precisely to prevent the normal functioning of a woman's reproductive organs. Contraceptive drugs treat the normal functioning of a woman's body as a disease. How do you like that, ladies? Your fertility is a problem, a disease that requires treatment. And now insurance companies are required to endorse the "treatment" of natural female fertility.

No doubt, Viagra and other such drugs can be abused and, in all likelihood, often are. But, in the words of the old saying, abuse does not negate the proper use of a thing. But the use of contraceptive drugs to interfere with normal female function is not the abuse, rather it is the intended use of such medications.

This move to so-called "equity" in contraceptive medications is not treating women equally at all. It is a further assault on feminine nature, a further attempt to render femininity something to be abhorred and "treated" into oblivion.