Monday, January 23, 2006

Shills and Accomplices

Speaking of the "intellectual-cultural edifice" which exists to support and extend the abortion license, the Mainstream Media has been a principal ally of the pro-abortion forces. This has been evident in, among other things, it's coverage of the annual March for Life.

Apparently it's business as usual this year: Annie Banno over at After Abortion examines the media coverage and finds that most of the "reporting" is in fact little more than mass regurgitation of Approved MSM OpinionTM. Much of the so-called reporting, she reveals, was demonstrably written before the event was underway.

Unfortunately, this doesn't surprise me. I recall one year, when I participated in the DC March back in grad school in the early '90s, witnessing several news crews, including one of the local network affiliates, gathering around a group of about 20-30 pro-abortion counter-protesters, seemingly oblivious to the tens of thousands of marchers around them. Sure enough, that local station's news coverage of the event was primarily of the counter-protesters, with the March treated merely as background to that story.

The Mainstream Media : Working Hard to Make You More Ignorant!