Tuesday, October 05, 2004

John Kerry — Turning His Back On The Truth

Senator John Kerry is now charging President Bush with turning "his back on science" by opposing embryonic stem cell research, in a new campaign ad:
"It's time to lift the political barriers blocking the stem cell research that could treat or cure diseases like Parkinson's," the ad says. "I believe that science can bring hope to our families."

But it's Kerry who is in fact politicizing the issue, and misrepresenting the science on top of that.

Firstly, he makes no distinction between embryonic stem cell research, which destroys unborn human beings to harvest the stem cells, and stem-cell research using cells obtained from adult bone marrow and fetal umbilical cord blood, which do not destroy human beings and are therefore morally licit.

He also fails to mention that the only stem-cell research which has actually shown results in real research, and actual scientific promise, is that being done using bone marrow stem cells. Embryonic cells have an unfortunate tendency to turn into cancers, but that doesn't stop the pro-embryonic research mouthpieces from making promises of scientific marvels from curing baldness to Alzheimer's. The fact is that promises of breakthroughs from embryonic research have all the scientific quality of Dr. Feelgood's old-time medicine show.

It's not surprising that Kerry would obfuscate, distort, and rely on half-truths in dealing with this life issue, as he has done the same repeatedly regarding the issue of abortion.

But according to the scientists Kerry and his flacks in the MSM don't want to talk about, in a letter to the Chicago Tribune I published back in June, research has demonstrated that "a type of bone marrow stem cell called MAPC could generate every tissue in the body," rendering embryonic stem-cell research superfluous. The scientists concluded that there is "no justification for embryonic stem-cell research".

Kerry, along with the other advocates of saving our own lives at the expense of our children, justify themselves by saying "researchers would use embryos that are going to be discarded anyway." I'm sure that Dr. Mengele had a similar rationale: "Hey, those Jews would just be going to the gas chambers anyway. We might as well get some use out of them as human guinea pigs."

Kerry's ad says "Millions of lives are at stake."

That's true, but not in the way he means it. The only lives that are at stake in this issue are those of the millions of unborn children whom Kerry would sacrifice to a bogus "science".

Thanks to Amy Welborn for the link.