Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ellen Goodman Is A Bigot

And like most bigots, she isn't very bright.

She demonstrates the admixture of ignorance and prejudice which characterizes the Establishment LeftTM in her op-ed piece today (thanks to Mark Shea for the link), in which she takes umbrage at a "Catholic health plan" being offered to Federal employees.

Apart from her inability to grasp the concept that religiously-affiliated organizations have a right to govern themselves according to their faith, she also seems to miss the point that Catholics (or anyone else, for that matter) enroll in this plan voluntarily.

But, of course, this article isn't really about health care or access to services. This is about Ellen Goodman displaying her intellectual superiority to mono-browed religious fanatics. Witness the remarks about "end-of-life care" being determined by the "latest directive from Rome", and a scary "edict of the bishops". And, of course, there's the obligatory quote from Frances Kissling.

I used to be amazed that people like Ellen Goodman, Maureen Dowd, or Anna Quindlen could get their drivel published by major newspapers and magazines. If I submitted to publications like the National Catholic Register, Crisis, or Catholic World Report (all of which publications I have written for) claptrap as poorly-reasoned and patently ignorant as that which they regularly discharge, it would be unhesitatingly round-filed and I'd get an e-mail from the editor saying something like "you've got to be kidding!"

But columnists such as Goodman aren't about actual thought. You see, to be a liberal requires a constant effort to deny and hold back reality, and as such requires constant reinforcement. That's what Goodman, et al., are in the business of doing. They're the voices lulling the Establishment into its intellectual torpor, saying "don't worry, we must be right..."

Ellen Goodman is like a clown on fire: kind of funny, kind of sad.