Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Eternal Banquet of The Lamb

Fr. Jim Tucker over at Dappled Things has an outstanding post on the Eucharist, based on a talk he gave to a monastery of the Poor Clares.

The issue for him, and for all of us, is how do we come into "real contact" with Christ's saving act on Calvary? The answer is: through the Eternal Sacrifice of the Mass. He explains:
In some way that cannot be explained, the Christian who takes part in the Mass finds the walls of the church dissolving and the hands of the clock stopping and the familiar faces around him being lost amid a multitude of faces of people who have lived the Faith throughout the centuries. He finds himself beneath a Cross as bread and wine lose their reality, and crucified Flesh is held aloft, and sacrificed Blood comes streaming out of a Heart that was pierced 2,000 years ago. With the eyes of his Faith, he sees, as John saw in the Apocalypse, a slaughtered Lamb that lives again. And he is offered a chance to be a part of that Sacrifice, to eat and drink the Death of Jesus, which is the only way to win the promise of a share in His Resurrection. "Blessed are those who are called to the wedding feast of the Lamb."

Read the whole thing. Fr. Jim is one of the best.