Monday, June 28, 2004

Democrats Literally Aborting Themselves Out of Existence

A fascinating study by Larry L. Eastland at shows how the Democrats' fanatical embrace of abortion is causing them to kill themselves off:
• Republicans have fewer abortions than their proportion of the population, Democrats have more than their proportion of the population. Democrats account for 30% more abortions than Republicans (49% vs. 35%).

• The more ideologically Democratic the voters are (self-identified liberals), the more abortions they have. The more ideologically Republican the voters are (self-identified conservatives), the fewer abortions they have.

This isn't particularly surprising given the core constituencies of both political parties. But translating percentages into numbers for the purpose of evaluating their impact on politics makes the importance of these numbers real. It's one thing to quote percentages and statistics, it's quite another to look at actual human beings. For example:

• There are 19,748,000 Democrats who are not with us today. (49.37 percent of 40 million).

• There are 13,900,000 Republican who are not with us today. (34.75 percent of 40 million).

• By comparison, then, the Democrats have lost 5,848,000 more voters than the Republicans have.

Eastland's article spells out in black and white that the Democratic Party's worship of Moloch is literally self-destuctive.

An object lesson in the truth of Mark Shea's dictum "Sin makes you stupid."

(Thanks to Mark Shea for the link.)