Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Anyone Out There Get Turner Classic Movies?

I just read on The Corner that Turner Classic Movies will be airing two (in)famous movie paeans to the glories of Stalinist Russia.

I don't get TCM on my cable system, so I won't be able to view or tape them.

The movies are (from The Corner):
On March 31 (that's tonight) at 2am (ET): "Song of Russia" (1943). See New England-style townhall democracy in the Soviet Union, as well as the free exercise of religion under Stalin!

On April 6 at 3pm (ET), is "Mission to Moscow" (1943). It presents the Great Purge show trials as legitimate exercises in jurisprudence, and actually has a portrayal of Stalin explaining why he HAD TO enter into the Nazi/Soviet nonaggression pact of 1939.

If anyone has TCM and would be willing to tape these, or TiVo them and burn me a DVD, I would be very grateful.

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