Monday, September 29, 2003

In Case There Was Any Doubt That Michael Moore Is an Idiot

Declares "There is NO terrorist threat."

Last night, I was flipping through the channels and I caught "Real Time With Bill Maher". Now, I rarely watched Bill Maher when he had "Politically Incorrect", and I almost never watch "Real Time": I get tired pretty quickly of Bill Maher's smug confidence that He Is The One Who Really Understands Things.

But last night he had Charles Barkley, Michael Moore, and someone whose name I don't recall on his show. The topic was terrorism.

I must confess that I was already ill-disposed towards Michael Moore. He is a rabid leftist who is so utterly convinced of his own rectitude that he doesn't hold himself bound by things like honesty and truthfulness. His shenanigans with the truth in "Bowling for Columbine" led me to the conclusion that he is an idealogue who has embraced the principle that The End Justify the Means.

But last night Moore revealed the extent to which ideology can, indeed, impair your thought processes, as he stated "There is NO terrorist threat." He then went on to explain that there was no network of terrorists, that there was no organized, systematic effort underway to perpetrate terrorist acts on American soil. There were terrorists, to be sure, but the whole idea of an organized, directed terrorist network was something invented by, you guessed it, The EEEEVVVIIIILLLL Bush Administration.

Where has this guy been? What rock has he been living under? I guess Al Qaeda is a figment of our imaginations. Never mind the pile of evidence showing that the Taliban and Al Qaeda were linked. I'm sure that was concocted by George Bush. I guess the Israelis don't have to worry about Hamas. I guess Islamic Jihad is just another bugaboo of our nightmares.

Michael Moore is a pitiful example of what ideology can do to one's mind: his devotion to leftism and his hatred for George Bush have led to what all ideology unfailingly leads: the denial of and inability to perceive reality.