Monday, July 21, 2003

I Know it's been More Than a Couple of Days

...But I've been busy. I am gratified, though, to see by my counter that many of you have kept checking back here faithfully while I've been off doing other things.

"Gay Marriage? What, Me Worry?"

"I mean, if two people love each other and want to be with each other, so what? It doesn't hurt me."

If that's your attitude, then you need to read Saturday's
World Net Daily article by Linda Harvey.

Harvey writes:

"Same sex marriage? It doesn't bother me!" ...

There's just one problem with this angle: It doesn't take into account the impact on children. If same-sex relationships become the law of the land, then homosexual marriage will be presented to America's schoolchildren as the equivalent of heterosexual marriage.

Harvey then goes on to explain how, under the guise of "diversity", public schools will begin presenting homosexual marriage as one of many equally legitimate "options" young people can choose from. Some school districts will do this willingly: there are already some schools that come very close to it in their sex-ed classes. Some schools will have to be forced into it, but I think it's clear at this point that our courts are perfectly willing to do this.

Here's how the agenda could infiltrate the stories and novels your children are given to read:

Expect a whole new crop of young adult novels featuring same-sex romance leading to marriage to appear instantly and be adopted just as magically by middle-school and high-school language departments throughout the U.S. Your 13-year-old Kyle will be required to read and give a book report on a novel where Bruce and Jason meet, date and get married. What won't be covered is how Bruce and Jason split up a year later after cheating on each other dozens of times.

The instruments of culture are already being used to advance the anti-family agenda of sexual license. Expect the public schools to become willing agents.

I suppose I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks the consequences of the Lawrence decision will be disastrous. But some people, including some of my readers, are still unconvinced. I hope it doesn't take your third grader's teacher bringing his "husband" to school in drag, for "Show & Tell" followed by a heartfelt reading of Bobby's Two Daddies, to convince you.