Friday, January 31, 2003

What's the opposite of moral astuteness?

Perhaps moral obliviousness? (If there's actually such a word.)

Whatever it is, Tom Royce, the attorney for Vincent McCaffrey, a Chicago ex-priest sentenced yesterday to 15 years for possession of child pornography, (sorry, but the above link requires free registration) exemplified a degree of moral obtuseness I've rarely seen paralelled. His reaction: "This is a sad day for my client..."

Hello? A Sad Day for his client? The client who admitted, in addition to the possession of child porn he was actually sentenced for, to abusing over a dozen boys on hundreds of occasions!

While I don't think that victims' healing is primarily a matter of seeing justice or retribution exacted on the perpetrator, nonetheless I cannot imagine the reaction of victims and their families to hearing the sort of narcissistic self-pity exhibited by this predator and his attorney.

There is, I suppose, some cold comfort in seeing the perpetrator punished, but it seems to me that Mr. McCaffrey still has not really seen the magnitutde of the evil he has done.